Welcome to DIY Flavor Shack!

The ORIGINAL vape shop in Las Vegas. Since 2005 we have been fortunate enough to work with thousands of vape enthusiasts and those who are interested in a non smoking nicotine product that does not promote nicotine withdrawals or weight gain.
When ordering please be educated in products that can ruin plastic tanks such as mints, citrus etc We recommend using glass tanks only.
Also This product is Use at your own risk. Vaping flavors such as Cinnamon, Clove We feel there is much more to learn
We recommend the less in your Vaping product the better for your health.
Do your research on products you are using
Must be 18 to purchase.
International Orders are welcome ONLY if you pick international Postage will they be sent out or they will be canceled
Our flavors are all mixed to your custom specifications all you have to do is ask us in the comments, and shipped no later than 48 hours after you place your order. Just let us know your VG/PG & nicotine requirements when placing your order. We do have a standard Mixing ratio that sets our E-liquids apart from the Copy Cats or Spots.

Want to learn to mix your own vape? We offer classes. Are you a practicing mixologist and need the best prices on equipment and e-liquids? You'll find everything you need here, and if you don't, call or stop in.
We love hearing from you. 702-807-7215 or [email protected].

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